My Story

Coming from a household of women, one of five girls in my family, and the baby of all things... I know women. I've been surrounded by them my whole life, therefore watched and studied them without even realizing it. I believe every woman should feel luxurious, because we are. So many don't, and it's a shame when you can see how beautiful they are. It's not about the physique, it comes from the inside, just like the books tell us. When we adorn ourselves in items that speak to us and help express our story and what's on the inside, rather than in items that make us feel like someone else or what we think others want to see, the beauty radiates and luxury emanates. It's beautiful.
IHLE represents an authentic life, and feeling beauty is part of that. 


IHLE is striving to step out and put a stamp on this world and be a reminder to live this life like you mean it, and create YOUR story! Designing with a conscience, creating handbags that are very eclectic, using bits and pieces of a life well lived. IHLE BAGS are thoughtfully manufactured from high quality, meaningful and sustainable materials. Small batch artisan enables every handbag to be completely unique because they're crafted here in America with some sort of variation within each of them.


JH Craftsmen 


I am a believer and supporter of American made. An artist I enjoy (photo to left - JH Craftsman). Woodcrafts are beautiful to me which is why I incorporate a lot of wooden pieces into my Brand. I also enjoy carrying on the past into the future by incorporating vintage pieces into what I create and in turn, creating a story. In order to do this, I am always on the search to find the perfect pieces to complete my latest design. I am inspired by many things and many Artists from all over the world. I love that I can incorporate their dreams and their stories into my work by using their pieces as materials to my handbags. In the end, I love that I can bring all of those amazing pieces together and have them crafted right here in the USA.








I believe in living the life we want to live, creating our own story instead of one we've been told to create, getting out there in the world and experiencing this life in whatever way we viscerally feel we are suppose to. When we just do, instead of letting out fears talk us out of things, doors open and allow for whatever we're doing to be possible. It's amazing!

Many things that I would've thought were impossible a couple years ago are happening today because I changed my thought pattern to knowing they were possible and do-able. The number of people I've met and the opportunities that have crossed my path have all been a part of bringing me into the next step of my journey. I'm so grateful and excited for the next!

I've always had a passion for design which I believe was the underlying current for me changing majors three times and careers twice! It's always been a silent mission of mine to find what I felt I was meant to do, yet nothing I pursued ever seemed to be the perfect fit, until now. Having never really sewn more than a few hems, I taught myself to sew my first handbag on a 1950's sewing machine my uncle had picked up at a yard sale. Little did I know, this antique would be the "machine that could" and sew me my first collection! Three years later, through bursts of obsession, trial and error, and just plain doing... I found myself happily developing not only a handbag line, but a company with products that reflect what I love and a Brand I hope will become recognized and sought after for what it stands for - Our Story.



I am one of five girls in my family. God bless my Dad, I know! The name IHLE(pronounced 'eye-lee') being the beginning portion of our last name, I originally thought would be the name I'd one day give my daughter if I had one. This was my feeble attempt to carry on our unique last name. However, at 32, no kids, and a business as my baby, I decided to use the name "IHLE" for the empire I envisioned building.

IHLE has gone beyond trendy developing into its own style of true luxury; Representing a life well lived. IHLE is anything but ordinary and designed with the extraordinary in mind. It has evolved to be a reminder to all of us to get out there and do what we love, experience this life, and create our stories.

One day while marveling over my bags, it was so rewarding to see that my work had begun to represent my passions, experiences, and things I love. Within just one bag, I could see Bali and their deep work ethics, the remains of a beautiful German Bull, an elegant fabric representing our efforts to save this planet, and a gorgeous vintage button dating back to before our time! In that moment it became clear to me that I had succeeded in creating more than just another handbag. From embodying a namesake to the meaningful materials, each IHLE BAG represented style, character, and held its own unique story.





Being a one woman Company, I am starting out from scratch. I dream big when I dream of IHLE, but I will never sacrifice the solid foundation I plan to instill in order to get there. The dream is to build a business model with a corporate consciousness in all aspects, creating a company with great moral and ethical standards that produces quality products with meaning. The dream is to instill integrity, reliability and loyalty as the foundation of IHLE, as to build a long lasting company not just a money making corporation.

I want people to carry IHLE because they like to represent a brand that stands for workmanship, quality and pride, not because society says you need this to be this. I want IHLE to be sought after because it uses authentic, real and meanaingful materials found through exciting travels and experiences, which when assembled represent a unique story that resonates with people reminding them of their story or one which they'd like to create.