Materials Used:
Believe it or not, your favorite IHLE BAG has it's own unique story. Much time is spent on the making of one IHLE BAG, keeping their quality level at the highest optimum. One IHLE BAG is made from several materials, which came from artists and craftsman around the world. From Indonesia to the Netherlands, from Czechoslovakia to the US, altogether one IHLE BAG has helped the lives of many people. There are pieces containing vintage findings and there are pieces with precious hand-crafted findings, all of which I've acquired thru my travels & research. 
Arriving in the arms of our conscious consumers, each IHLE BAG embarks on its own journey, complimenting the story of the amazing person carrying it.


IHLE strives to be eco-friendly and ethical when choosing its leathers. We only order leather from suppliers who respect animals and the environment, and whose hides are a true bi-product of the meat industry.  We only buy high quality leathers that are produced in the most responsible manner possible. 

When making our bags, we strive to use every bit of our hides including random pieces with "imperfections." Our leathers are of top quality, therefore so is every piece of it. Imperfections are a part of the hide and a part of its story. Zero waste cutting techniques are used, and any excess pieces are incorporated back into the handbags in other ways.


Buttons are my most favorite accent to an IHLE BAG. A significant amount of time is spent searching out vintage or rare, handmade buttons that will be the perfect accent to the next IHLE BAG. I love that a single vintage button from generations ago can set apart one bag all on its own. Although one bag may look like another, the vintage findings give each its own variation making it completely unique and something no one else has. 



It didn't take long to decide that Batik Fabric was going to be used as the inside lining for IHLE BAGS. It was love at first sight as I looked through dozens of beautiful, eye catching patterns. I was sold at the fact that Batik making is a hand-crafted, intense process that can take weeks to months for some fabrics that are of the finest quality. Most Batik manufacturers are family owned businesses being that Batik making is an art form and a tradition typically passed through generations and recognized as part of Indonesia's heritage. Just like any other form of art, Batik tells a lot about its maker and where it is from. Batik fabric provides IHLE BAGS with a beautiful, vibrant lining that makes each style unique. Due to it being a handcrafted item, there are often limitations to the availability of patterns. Often only so many bags can be made with a particular pattern, which simply adds to uniqueness and one of a kind stature of an IHLE BAG.




We can thank Mother Nature for making this amazing, versatile, natural and renewable material! Although rare, and not the easiest to come by being that it can only be harvested every so often, Cork Leather adds a unique and elegant touch to any piece it is paired with. This sustainable and eco-friendly material comes from Cork Oak Trees which grow in Europe and northern Africa. Cork Oaks are unique in their ability to regenerate their outer bark. During harvest, the trees stay standing and alive while large sections of their outer bark are removed. Once the tree matures to 25 years it can be stripped of its bark every 9-12 years without any damage to the tree! A single tree can live up to 200 years and be harvested over 16 times. Natural is so Amazing!


Beautifully soft Sensuede feels very much like a microfiber suede except it is manufactured entirely from recycled water bottles and polyester materials. It's created with advanced technology that is highly eco-efficient using an advanced recycling process which uses 84% less energy than that required to make virgin polyester. This remarkable fabric is green from start to finish! I love that I can add a luxurious feel to my handbags while helping the environment.




IHLE logo plates and hang tags are wooden pieces hand-crafted locally in Wilmington, NC! A coat of stain is hand painted onto the wood to make it just the right color. Each piece is then individually cut out and engraved with the IHLE logo, followed with a glaze coating to give it the durability needed to sustain everyday wear and tear.