Commission A Handbag

We all have that handbag we really like, but would LOVE if it just didn't have that heavy front,
or that unnecessary strap that's always getting in the way, or if it just stood a little taller...

Commissioning a handbag gives you a final product customized towards you, giving you ONLY 
the things you love in a handbag, leaving out any of the things that drive you crazy! In the end 
you still have an element of surprise by letting me do what I do best, design! The outcome is 
your own personal IHLE BAG containing the best of both worlds - your desires and my artistic 
touch. 100% customized to you.

It'll start by us discussing some details of what you're looking for, you'll be sent a questionnaire 
to determine what you love and don't love in a handbag. The more you tell, the more customized
your handbag will be. Within three weeks your customized IHLE BAG will be arriving on your
doorstep for you to adore!

  • Any questions, please fill out the form to the right.
  • To see a sample of the questionnaire you'll receive, Click Here.
  • Price varies depending on the size of the bag and materials
    you prefer to be used. To begin your commissioned handbag
    process, fill out the form to the right stating that you're interested
    in moving fwd. You and I will go from there.