• What's Your Story...?
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    Nancy Ihlefeld

What's Your Story...?

Just like Dr. Seuss said it - "Oh the places you'll go."

Each IHLE BAG has its own unique story. Each one is made up of unique meaningful materials and vintage findings from all over the world that I've fallen in love with through my research and travels. IHLE embodies and represents that we are all a collection of our passions and experiences and each of us has a story to tell.

IHLE encourages people to get out there and create your story! Do what you truly want to do in this life, no matter the risks, leaps, or jumps required to do so. We all, so often, hold back on things because of fears and thoughts without realizing how much we limit ourselves. When you start asking yourself "why not?" and demanding a valid answer, not one from fear, you'll deem yourself speechless more often than not. What we WANT to do almost always requires us to step out of our "comfort zone,"  which is why we come up with reasons for why we can't. Whether it's spending money on a trip we "think" we don't have, taking the leap to our dream career, or simply making time for ourselves... we always have an answer for ourselves to NOT do it. Once you make one leap towards what YOU want in this life, doors just start opening up to allow you to have the life you desire. It's amazing. And the more you leap, the easier it gets.

So we encourage those who carry an IHLE to share with us, their story. What’s in your bag? What are your passions? Where do you go, what do you do?

Below are some of the responses we’ve gotten.

What's Your Story? ... This Yoga Instructor related to IHLE BAG, Nomaste from the Inception Collection.
This woman took her passion for fitness, feeling good and being centered, and turned it into her career. Traveling the world bringing peace and good energy to others, and having been able to see some of the Seven Wonders within her travels. She loves practicing in front of a big bright window so she can soak up the sun.
What's Your Story? ... This on the go, Executive Mom, says her most important thing is her family. Always making time for a date night with her amazing and supportive husband is the key to her happy marriage. She loves her IHLE BAG, 'Elinor' from the Sense & Sensibility Collection because it makes her feel sleek and stylish when at meetings or events with Clients, and it's a great accessory to a date night outfit reminding her she hasn't lost her style in the madness of motherhood. Fitting nicely her Bare Minerals touch-up compact, lip gloss, body spritz and iPhone; things she likes to keep close to keep her ready to go.
What's your story? ... Sophia related to IHLE BAG, 'We're All Mad Here' from the Inception Collection. Personal Assistant to the CEO of a large manufacturing company, she loves that her work helps her to scratch off some of her bucket list. From surfing to hand gliding, this girl is an adrenaline seeker. Next on her list is to jump out of a plane. Until then, she'll enjoy remaining inside the plane when work requires travel to some exotic places.
What's Your Story? ... Andrea related to IHLE BAG, 'Take Me Away' from the Inception Collection. She loved the vibrant pop of color from inside as well as the dragonfly vintage photo button it displayed. Dragonflies remind her of the outdoors, which is her favorite place to be. Whether it's hiking, biking, walking or climbing, Andrea says nature is a sure-fire way to live in the now and be present. 
What's Your Story? ... Another traveler. The film industry harbors some serious work hours. When off work, this girl likes to play. Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand... Vietnam is next on her list. She loves how her IHLE BAG is durable yet stylish a the same time and fits everything she needs for when she's often on the go. In her bag she has a notebook and pen for her ever-growing To-Do list, passport in case of a spontaneous moment, compact case, hairspray, phone charger and headband. All things to keep her as versatile as her bag.



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    Nancy Ihlefeld